Rosengart Typ LR 539 Supertraction -39

Rosengart Typ LR 539 Supertraction -39

One of the most beautiful French cars of all time

In the late 1930’s the Rosengart factory in Neuilly, France produced about 1000 Supertractions but fewer than 80 have survived.

Lucien Rosengart (1881 – 1976) was a gifted engineer and businessman. In the mid-1920s, he saw the opportunity to produce a very small car for a segment of the market in France that he believed was not being properly covered by any of the major players like Renault, Peugeot and Citroën. In the early 1930s Rosengart teamed up with the German manufacturer Adler, offering license built copies of the Adler Trumpf and Trumpf Junior, small front-drive cars that bolstered its range. The development of front-wheel drive models led to the elegant Rosengart Supertraction model in 1937 – which competed with larger cars like the Peugeot 402 and the Berliet Dauphine for the first time in Rosengart’s short history. Lucien Rosengart negotiated with Citroën a supply of Traction Avant motors to power its LR539. In fact Supertractions had the engine, gearbox, dashboard, and many other elements of the Citroën Traction 11. In 1939 Lucien Rosengart decided to completely review the model and a new version was presented in March 16, 1939 at the Pavilion of Amenonville.

The new seductive design is considered to be one of the most beautiful French cars of all time.

This specific Supertraction for sale is the only one which was sold new in Sweden. It has an extensive history which is verified by the Rosengart museum in Germany. The car has been standing in a museum in Sweden for around a decade and has not been driven during these years. The substance is very good but the car needs some light restoration work to get back on the road again. Please contact us for more information or a list of what needs to be restored.  

VLD Autos is located in south Sweden, just outside of Malmö, which means there are a lot of good and cheap options to fly to Copenhagen airport in Denmark and from there it is just a short train ride to us. We will of course pick you up at a nearby train station.

Shipping can also be arranged worldwide.

  • Model year: 1939
  • Kilometers: 17431
  • Colour: Ivory white
  • Interiour: Vinyl, red


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