Citroën XM V6 24V Exclusive -97

Citroën XM V6 24V Exclusive -97

A XM with the fantastic V6 engine in an extraordinary good condition. One owner since 1998 and only 95.235 km; this is probably the closest you can get to the feeling of driving a new XM nowadays!

This XM V6 24v Exclusive started its life as a demonstration vehicle for the Citroën Niederlassung in Stuttgart. It is one of the first XMs produced with the fantastic ES9 engine and as a demonstration vehicle it was fitted with all possible equipment available plus an installation of a typical mobile phone of its time.

It was then sold to a man in Esslingen, Germany, in 1998, who owned the car until just recently. He for sure treated it extremely well and all MoT protocols are available to proof the mileage. The car never had any accident.

Although the car is very well taken care of, the maintenance book has not always been stamped since being maintained at a local garage most of the time. Therefor we wanted to make a full mechanical revision before sale and the following has been exchanged:

  • New timing belt and waterpump
  • New multi belt
  • All spheres were exchanged to new ones
  • New LHM oil
  • Automatic transmission oil was exchanged
  • New spark plugs
  • Maintained with new oil and filters

Everything works spotless on the car. The air condition is cooling perfectly, the cruise control works, no leaking from the sunroof, etc.

And it's totally without corrosion! The car has mostly been rolling on long distance trips to a vacation house at summer time; we guess the car has rarely been driven in wintertime considering the amazing condition underneath and looking at the bodywork.

The XM is still registered in Germany and has German car documents.

We have had several XMs during the years, and this XM we can say without doubt, is the best one we have ever driven and seen!


VLD Autos is located in south Sweden, just outside of Malmö, which means there are a lot of good and cheap options to fly to Copenhagen airport in Denmark and from there it is just a short train ride to us. We will of course pick you up at a nearby train station.

Shipping can also be arranged worldwide.

  • Model year: 1997
  • Kilometers: 95.235
  • Colour: Silver metallic
  • Interiour: Leather, black


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