Citroën CX Prestige Turbo 2 -87

Citroën CX Prestige Turbo 2 -87 

A cruise ship with power and finesse  

A beautiful low-mileage Prestige Turbo 2 in original condition with a very unusual color.

This car was specially ordered for a Swedish bank's head office, the Skandinaviska Enskilda Bank in Stockholm, as a car for driving VIP customers during the Yuppie era. With its generous legroom in the back seat in the Prestige model and with extra power thanks to its Turbo engine, customers could hover in elegance and style to their meeting at the bank. For discretion the car was ordered without any Turbo emblems on the outside, but the special colour made it still visible that a very important person was going in a VIP transport.


The car didn’t do so many kilometres during the years as a VIP car. It was well taken care of and was always parked in the banks garage, washed and cleaned after every assignment, ready for the next VIP transport. This has certainly contributed to the car being in the condition it is in now. It has never been welded and is in a very unusual good condition for a CX. In 1993 it was retired from the bank and has since only had three owners.


The car has been repainted during its lifetime and the paint is still in a good condition. The interior is original with small defects in the upholstery in two places. Ceiling and upholstery on side posts were renewed two years ago. Original radio is mounted.


Technically, the car is in excellent condition. The engine and clutch work without any issues and the hydraulics as well. The AC is currently disconnected, but new parts to install AC are available and will be delivered with the car.


In addition to the attached wheels, there are two sets of original TRX rims and also Turbo rims. Both the additional sets of rims are in need of renovation. At the moment a Turbo spoiler is installed on the boot, but the original spoiler is also available. 


The car has a new “MoT” done in Sweden on May 5, 2020 without any faults, with only 13418 kilometres on the clock! 

This spectacular cruise ship is waiting for you!

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We are located in south Sweden, just outside of Malmö, which means there are normally a lot of options to fly to Copenhagen airport in Denmark, and from there it is just a short train ride to VLD Autos. We will of course pick you up at a nearby train station.

On request we can arrange shipment to your place of living. We can either deliver the car ourself or make an arrangement with a shipping company. 

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  • Model year: 1987
  • Kilometers: 134.800
  • Colour: Red metallic
  • Interiour: Gray cloth


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