Citroën C6 2.2 HDi Exclusive -10

Citroën C6 2.2 HDi Exclusive -10

White with black leather interior

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A very rare white C6, the last ever produced 2.2 HDi Exclusive!

There were only around one hundred white C6s ever produced. So this white beauty is a very rare model you have to search for for a long time. It’s very strange that so few C6s got this colour because the colour really enhances the design and the shape of the car magnificently.

This C6 was produced in 2010, started its life in Belgium and was imported to Sweden in 2020 by VLD Autos. The car had two previous owners in Belgium, one in Sweden and has been very well taken care of and maintained regularly.

Unfortunately the Belgian maintenance book got lost, but some invoices are available from a Dutch garage, specialized in C6's, taking care of this Belgium C6 and all invoices from Sweden are available too. In Sweden the car was exclusively taken care of by VLD Autos.

Since the white beauty came to Sweden, VLD Autos has done a full check and all the necessary maintenances, the timing belt and water pump were exchanged, the gearbox was flushed, wishbones were exchanged etc.

After coming to Sweden the C6 has only been driven in summer time. The C6 was last maintained in autumn 2021 and passed the Swedish technical control last autumn without any amends. Afterwards it has only been driven around 1500 km.

The car is really in an amazing condition, especially considering the kilometers.

Not only does the white color make this C6 to something special, it is also the last ever produced C6 2.2 HDi Exclusive according to information of the Citroën heritage department.

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We are located in south Sweden, just outside of Malmö, which means there are normally a lot of options to fly to Copenhagen airport in Denmark, and from there it is just a short train ride to VLD Autos. We will of course pick you up at a nearby train station.

On request we can arrange shipment to your place of living. We can either deliver the car ourselves or make an arrangement with a shipping company.

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Model year: 2010

Kilometres: 237.450

Colour: White

Interiour: Black leather, Mistral


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