We sell the cars of our customers globally.

Do you have a very special car that you want to sell?

If you do not want to take care of the entire sales process, we will gladly accept this work in whole or in part!

We make your car perfect for sale. Sometimes only polishing is required or a few small details need to be changed to increase the sales revenue of your car enormously. Talk to us, we know what is important, we have good ideas, a large network and know where to get the "missing details" if needed.

We take photos of your car, create advertisements and translations, show ads in the relevant media, negotiate with potential buyers, and get the best revenue you may never have got in your home country. We sell your car where it is most sought after and generates the highest revenue.

We also take care of transfers, contracts, registration papers and insurance, customs etc.

We discuss everything in detail with our customers and stick with confidence to the agreements made.

We find your dream car

We find the dream cars for our customers.

Often a customer has been dreaming for years of a car that he drove many years ago or always wanted to have, but finds it nowhere exactly according to his ideas. Mostly we find these cars in some hidden corner of Europe for these customers.

We check these cars including car papers and the owners very carefully. We know all the tricks to avoid country-blocking and national telephone systems and then convince the sellers to sell their most beloved car to us, although we are foreigners. Often we have to be at the point of sale very quickly to be sure that it is us who get the rare car. We take care of the contract, money transfer, insurance, registration papers, customs if needed in accordance with the laws and regulations, which may vary greatly depending on the country, even in the EU. Finally, we also arrange the transfer of the car to the place of residence of the buyer and register it there.

At the request of the buyer, we make small improvements to the car, such as underbody rust protection or get parts needed for registration like original headlights, missing seat belts etc.

Here too, we are in constant contact with our customers and abide by agreements, given timings and budgets.

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