Renault Avantime V6 3.0 Privilege -02

Renault Avantime V6 3.0 Privilege -02

Still ahead of its time


Model year: 2002

Kilometers: 186.000

Colour: Dark green metallic (Scarabee Vert)

Interiour: Full leather, cream


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When Renault named its very special and avant-garde luxury coupe, they created the word in a mix of French and English "Avantime" which means "ahead of its time". And, oh yes, it is still far ahead of its time!

The Renault Avantime was introduced in the Geneva Lounge in 1999 as a concept car and attracted tremendous attention! Never before had the world seen a luxurious two-door coupe based on a minibus platform (Renault Espace). The design was revolutionary in many ways and many technical solutions are still revolutionary. For example, the doors are so large that a double suspension is needed for the opening angle not to become too large. It still holds the world record for the largest openable sunscreen. And since there are no B-pillars, you get a cabriolet feel when you press the Grand Space button and all the windows and the sunroof open at the same time.

An incredible experience!

The roof is made of aluminum to reduce the weight, and since it does not have a B-pillar, the technicians had to work overtime to make it sufficiently stable. All of these technical challenges meant that the launch was delayed by almost two years, but by the end of 2001, the Avantime finally hit the market.

The car buyers, however, were not ready for such an avantgarde car and the sale was more or less a disaster, only 8545 cars were produced and production was discontinued in less than two years.

The car was developed and manufactured by Matra on behalf of Renault, and because of the poor sales Matra went bankrupt and unfortunately Avantime was also the last car produced by Matra.

You might think the bad sale means Avantime is a bad car. But on the contrary! It still feels incredibly futuristic and in many ways it is an experience like driving a concept car on the road. It runs wonderfully quiet with its 207 hp V6 engine, and you sit comfortably in the upholstered captain seats with exclusive leather. It is a very special experience to drive in an Avantime!

This specific car has spent most of his life in Holland and came to Sweden in 2015. It has the equipment package Privilege, which was the highest of the three offered. It has all the necessary features such as navigation, electrical seats, folding rear view mirrors, dual zone air conditioning etc.

The car is very well maintained, all maintenance is verifiable by invoices. It had only three previous owners and will be handed over with a new maintenance shortly before sale.

Now you have the chance to buy a rare and very special car for a very reasonable price!