Vive La Différence!

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Here you find our cars for sale

We like different cars, cars with fascinating design and ingenious technology.

Cars that stand out because of their unique design and / or special technology and that are not everywhere and not easy to find, are the cars that inspire our customers and us.

Often we find these cars in France, but also in other European countries. We are specialists for Citroëns, but also deal with other special cars.

We also help our customers to sell their cars, and we buy very special cars for our customers on request.

Because we operate across Europe, we can almost always offer you a cheaper / better price than the one you would pay / get in your home country.

If you do not find your dream car on our webpage today, call us or send us an
e-mail, and we'll find the car that suits you and awakens your passion, so you too can feel the difference to usual cars, - Vive la difference!

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