Citroën Dyane 6 Edelweiss -82

Citroën Dyane 6 Edelweiss -82 

Even more rare than the flower!

A Dyane in the very rare Edelweiss edition - in very good original condition, low mileage, only two owners –

The Dyane was advertised as the “car miracle” when it was launched and it was said that it was the most affordable and versatile four door Convertible being an Estate Wagon at the same time. 


Dyane Edelweiss was a limited special edition, produced in 750 copies manufactured in Citroën's factory in Vigo, Spain. It was only available in one colour, the exclusive Edelweiss colour, a beautiful light blue metallic with the associated decorative Edelweiss-striping. That it was a limited edition becomes visible by the number printed on the boot.

The special features of the Edelweiss were:

  • "Edelweiss" logos and striping on the body
  • GS X3 hubcaps
  • Black rearview mirrors
  • Black rubber trimming following the lower part of the bodywork
  • Black bumpers with a tubular fitting
  • Taillights from the Peugeot 104 with adapted rear panel
  • Luggage rack on the boot
  • Black roof
  • Black trimmings on the doors at the height of the doorhandles and a black joint between the body and the rear fenders
  • Black handle on the boot and black fillercap
  • Serial number on the boot
  • Blue cloth upholstery

What is also special for Dyanes produced in Spain is that the front doors has crank windows and the rear doors has sliding windows; compared to French-made ones that only had sliding front windows and nothing else.


This particular car is No. 177 and is one of maybe 10 remaining cars in the world, and this is the only one in the Nordic countries. It had only one (!) female owner (documentation available) until 2018, when we bought it in a suburb of Madrid. The owner was a teacher who loved her little car with the stylish Edelweiss-flower prints, attached to the outside of the car and only drove it very carefully from time to time to shop and make an excursion every now and then. In the spring of 2018 the car was imported to Sweden by us, and according to the owner had only 50,000 kilometers during her ownership. However, this cannot be proved because the mileage is not noticed in older Spanish “MoT reports”. We drove home to Sweden in this Dyane Edelweiss from Spain, which was a fantastic, even quite comfortable experience. It went perfectly well all the way to Sweden, a better test of a car you can’t get!


The car is in an original condition apart from being repainted. Since it has lived in a dry climate all its life, corrosion has never been an issue. The car has been well cared for and maintained constantly throughout the years. The engine has been checked and has perfect compression.


When the car arrived in Sweden, it received a new foldable roof (originally this car only had a fixed “winter roof” to protect from the strong Spanish sun, this roof still exists, has been restored and will be handed over to the new owner), new upholstery in blue Charleston style (original upholstery which is a bit sun-bleached will be handed over to the new owner as well) and it got a new Edelweiss striping set.


From 2018 on a Swedish Citroën enthusiast, who now needs to sell it because of health reasons, has owned the car and been taking care of it very well.

This is an incredibly charming and fun summer car that is much more special and actually also more comfortable than a "regular" 2CV. So if you want to enjoy the summer landscape with an open roof and feel completely unique, then this little beauty is the car for you!

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We are located in south Sweden, just outside of Malmö, which means there are normally a lot of options to fly to Copenhagen airport in Denmark, and from there it is just a short train ride to VLD Autos. We will of course pick you up at a nearby train station.

On request we can arrange shipment to your place of living. We can either deliver the car ourself or make an arrangement with a shipping company. 

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  • Model year: 1982
  • Kilometers: 55.000
  • Colour: Light blue metallic
  • Interiour: Blue cloth


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