Maserati Merak SS -77

Maserati Merak SS -77 

Italy and France together in a fantastic harmony! 

This Maserati Merak SS has been through a complete restoration including a total rebuild of the engine and fitting a new tan leather interior, identical to the original one.

The car is a joy to drive, look at and listen to!

This Merak SS was sold new in Austria in 1977 with a tan leather interior and painted in Blue Sera. Around fourteen years ago the car came from Switzerland to Sweden and has undergone a complete restoration by experts and enthusiasts, including a complete engine-rebuild and a brand new tan leather interior. The interior is identical to the one originally fitted, which had dried out beyond rescue.

The extensive restoration took around eight years to complete with no expenses saved. 2013 the restoration was complete and the final result is stunning! This is a Merak SS as beautiful as new and probably much more reliable as well.

Since restoration the car has been travelling around 3000 kilometers.

A list of all details renovated or replaced is available and can be emailed on request.

History of the Maserati Merak SS:

Giulio Alfieri was with Maserati between 1953 and 1975 and was instrumental in the development of a series of extra-ordinary engines. The V6 of the Merak, he originally engineered for the Citroën SM. For the Merak SS, the 2nd generation of the Merak, the double overhead camshaft, all-alloy engine evolved to 3 liters and was fitted with triple Weber 44s, delivering 220 PS.

Giorgetto Giugiaro and his Italdesign had done the Maserati Ghibli in the 1960s and continued with the Bora and the Merak in the 1970s. The Merak is almost the definition of the 1970s mid-engine Italian sportscar and is another proof of maestro Giugario’s genius. The proportions of the car are wonderful, making it a beauty from all angels – at rest, as well as in motion.

The most notable contribution from Citroën to the Merak SS, are the high pressure operated disc brakes, giving the car impressive deceleration capabilities, thereby making it more safe and suitable for the road, than most other classic sportscars.

The sound and versatility of the engine, the directness of the steering as well as the steady behavior on the road, together with the brakes, makes the Merak SS a dream to drive.  

In total 1 817 Merak cars were produced according to official Maserati records. Out of these, about 600 were SS cars with European specifications. Cars made to US specifications had to be fitted larger bumpers and other features to match US safety regulations of the 1970s.

  • Årsmodell: 1977
  • Miltal: 3900
  • Färg: Blue Sera
  • Interiör: Lejongul skinnklädsel

890.000 SEK

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