Cadillac 355 B Limousine, 7 sitsig -32

Cadillac 355 B Limousine, 7 seats -32

This is a unique car which had only 3 owners! It’s 1 out of only 3 cars still remaining of this Limousine version of the 355 B and this is the only one on this side of the Atlantic. It has of course matching numbers.

The car was bought in the US from the second owner in 2014 and brought to Europe. It already was in an amazing condition but has been going through some mechanical work and also some detailing to make this car look and drive as stunning as it does. For example the tires were replaced with new Firestone tires in 2017. It got a new cooler, revised waterpump etc. It is now owned by a retired garage owner and car collector in Denmark who has revised the car together with a Cadillac specialist the latest years and the V8 engine runs better than ever.

As the pictures show the car is in a very good condition; mechanically, the exterior and interior.

In case you have an interesting classic car in a very good condition, worth maximum 40.000 €, it might be interesting to trade it in since the owner of the Cadillac - being a passionate collector - is always looking for "new" cars.

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  • Årsmodell: 1932
  • Miltal: unknown
  • Färg: Svart
  • Inredning: Tyg, grått


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